Loading Members using CSV Files

Loading dimension members using CSV files is one of the most frequently used method. However we need to be careful while loading attribute information via these files as even a slight mismatch in the attribute name will result into a new user defined attribute created in the dimension which can not be deleted as PerformancePoint Server doesn’t allow deletion of attributes.

Also some dimension names contains special property names that do not corresponds to the name displayed in planning business modeler. E.g. if we want to load members for Entity dimension and want to specify the ‘Currency’ and ‘Entity Type’ then we will need to use ‘CurrencyMemberId’ and ‘EntityTypeId’.

If we want to appear the members that we are loading in a particular display order that we can include a sysdefined attribute column called ‘SequenceNumber’ and put the integer value in that column.

Also there is a reserved column name called ‘Parent’ which can be used to load the members in hierarchy format. But remember, if we are loading members in ‘All Members’ member set, this column will be ignored and all the members will be loaded as flat. Its value should be the label of the parent of that particular member.


– Ajay Singh