Displaying Name instead of Label in Forms / Reports

By default when we create forms / reports the Label is displayed, however many times we like to display Name as Label corresponds to internal Key which might not make sense for end users. Below are the methods available for displaying name instead of Label in data input forms / reports:

#1: If Form is created using wizard: We need to open the Member Properties for each dimension and select the Name property.


#2: If Form is created using Wizard: Select the Properties option in the Wizard and select the Name option.


The only issue in Wizard is the Property option is only available for Rows where as for Columns and Filters I am not able to see that option. Need to check if this is the issue with my form setup or PPS also this might have fixed in SP1 which I have not applied yet.


Management Reporter – PPS Integration only for Models with Currency Dimension

Management Reporter has the option for configuring the reports on PerformancePoint Models. However there are two things that needs to be kept in mind are:

#1: The connection is for relational database for PPS Models and not the OLAP Database. Got the information from Paul Steynberg (http://paulsteynberg.blogspot.com/) that Management Reported connects to PPS Service, however data is retrieved from the Model OLAP Cubes.

#2: The model to which connection is made has to have Currency Dimension.


Hence if we have models Global Assumptions, Drivers which many time don’t have Currency Dimension will not be available in Management Reports as of now.